Festival - 2018

Festivals in the Land of the Thunder Dragon are rich and happy expressions of its ancient Buddhist culture.

Religious festivals are very numerous and have different names according to their types, the best known being the Tshechus, which are festivals held in all districts in honour of Guru Rinpoche, commemorating his great deeds.

Festivals are also a big family and social occasion. People dress up in their finest clothes and most resplendent jewelry of coral and turquoise. They pack picnic lunches in their traditional bamboo baskets and stay all day at the festivals which are usually held in the Dzong (fortresses) or at monasteries.

Tshechus are celebrated for several days, between three and five according to the location, and are the occasion for dances that are clearly defined in religious content. The numerous religious dances are called Cham. Dancers, either monks or lay practitioners, wear spectacular costumes made of yellow silk or rich brocade, often decorated with ornaments of carved bone. For certain dances they wear masks which may represent animals, fearsome deities, skulls, manifestations of Guru Rinpoche or just plain human beings.